PEUPLES AMERINDIENS indiens des Amérique

liste des chefs connus

Chief American Horse
Chief Bald Head
Chief Barking Fox
Chief Bear Cut Ear
Chief Bear Rib
Chief Bear's Head
Chief Bear That Scatters
Chief Beaver Dog
Chief Big Bow
Chief Big Eagle
Chief Big Elk
Chief Big Foot
Chief Big Hawk
Chief Big Red Meat
Chief Big Robber
Chief Big Tree
Chief Big White
Chief Bird Necklace
Chief Black Bear
Chief Black Beaver
Chief Black Bird
Chief Blackfish
Chief Blackfoot
Chief Black Hawk
Chief Black Horn
Chief Black Horse
Chief Black Kettle
Chief Black Mocassin
Chief Blue Jacket
Chief Bowlegs
Chief Brave Bear
Chief Broken Arrow
Chief Buffalo Good
Chief Bull Bear
Chief Bushy Hair
Chief Charles Bender
Chief Chato
Chief Cochise
Chief Cornstalk
Chief Crazy Horse
Chief Crow Dog
Chief Crow Foot
Chief Crow King
Chief Cut Nose
Chief Dahteste
Chief Does Everything
Chief Dohosan
Chief Dull Knife
Chief Eagle Elk
Chief Eskadi
Chief Eyes on Each Side

Chief Eyes Open
Chief Falling Leaf
Chief Fire Thunder
Chief First to Fly
Chief Foolish Bear
Chief Gall
Chief Garfield
Chief Geronimo
Chief Gray Beard
Chief Grizzly Bear
Chief Guyasuta
Chief He Dog
Chief Henry Little Bear
Chief High Hawk
Chief Hollow Horn Bear
Chief Horse Chief
Chief Howling Wolf
Chief Inkpaduta
Chief Iron Dog
Chief Iron Mountain
Chief Iron Shirt
Chief John Big Tree
Chief Josef
Chief Joseph No Water
Chief Keokuk
Chief Kicking Bear
Chief Kicking Bird
Chief Kicking Bird
Chief Kills Alone
Chief Lame Bull
Chief Lame Deer
Chief Lean Bear
Chief Little Bear
Chief Little Big Man
Chief Little Crow
Chief Little Dog
Chief Little Hawk
Chief Little Raven
Chief Little Rock
Chief Little Thunder
Chief Little Turtle
Chief Little White Bear
Chief Little Wolf
Chief Little Wound
Chief Lone Eagle
Chief Lone Wolf
Chief Long Back
Chief Long Hair
Chief Long Walker
Chief Looking Glass
Chief Lozen

Chief Mangas Coloradas
Chief Manuelito
Chief Many Horses
Chief Many Treaties
Chief Mato-Tope
Chief Medicine Arrows
Chief Medicine Crow
Chief Medicine Water
Chief Miantomo
Chief Nana
Chief Ninigret
Chief Old Moon
Chief One Bull
Chief One Horn
Chief Osceola
Chief Plenty Coups
Chief Pocahontas
Chief Pocatello
Chief Pontiac
Chief Pony That Walks
Chief Powder Face
Chief Pretty Eagle
Chief Pukeshinwa
Chief Rabbit's Skin
Chief Rain-In-The-Face
Chief Rattle Snake
Chief Red Cloud
Chief Red Dog
Chief Red Jacket
Chief Red Leaf
Chief Red Otter
Chief Red Warbonnet
Chief Red Whip
Chief Red Willow
Chief Red Wing
Chief Roman Nose
Chief Rotten Belly
Chief Round Wind
Chief Running Antelope
Chief Running Bird
Chief Running Fisher
Chief Runs The Enemy
Chief Satank
Chief Satanta
Chief Shot In The Eye
Chief Shot in the Hand
Chief Sitting Bull
Chief Slow Bull
Chief Smoke
Chief Soldani
Chief Spotted Face

Chief Spotted Tail
Chief Standing Bear
Chief Steep Wind
Chief Stone Calf
Chief Striking Eagle
Chief Strong Talk
Chief Sun Boy
Chief Swift Bear
Chief Swift Bird
Chief Tabananica
Chief Tall Bear
Chief Tamahay
Chief Taza
Chief Tecumseh
Chief The Blue Thunder
Chief The Crow Necklace
Chief The Swan
Chief Three White Crows
Chief Thunderbird
Chief Thunder Chief
Chief Thundercloud
Chief Timbo
Chief Tin-Tin-Meet-Sa
Chief Tomason
Chief Tosawi
Chief Touch The Clouds
Chief Turning Hawk
Chief Two Face
Chief Two Guns
Chief Two Hatchet
Chief Two Moons
Chief Two Strikes
Chief Umapine
Chief Victorio
Chief Washakie
Chief Whirlwind
Chief White Antelope
Chief White Buffalo
Chief White Bull
Chief White Eagle
Chief White Horse
Chief White Lion
Chief White Shield
Chief Wild Horse
Chief Spotted Crow
Chief Wolf Necklace
Chief Wooden Leg
Chief Yellow Bull
Chief Yellow Dog
Chief Yellow Hand
Chief Yellow Wolf

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